Androzen Pro.tpk

Andro-Zen Pro Emulator for Tizen.

  • It is the another ACL for Tizen to run Android apps on Tizen.
  • It doesn’t requires any Firmware Update to run on Tizen Device.
  • It will convert any APK file to TPK file.
  • You will be able to install any APK file on Tizen Homescreen.
  • You need not to enable unknown sources or do any other things, simply download and install this Emulator (ACL) on your Tizen Device and enjoy Android apps on Tizen.

Andro-Zen Pro.tpk for Z1:

    Andro-Zen Pro.tpk for Z2 & Z3:

    Andro-Zen Pro for Z4:

    • All the above Androzen Pro ACL version is 2.3.140 .
    • Existing Andro-Zen Pro users of Z2, update your Old Andro-Zen Pro ACL with this new ACL.
    • All Bugs are fixed in this ACL for Z1 Z2 Z3 & Z4 Devices.
    • If you face any problems, inform the developer on: